Our passion is feeding your family.

We believe in healing the land, food integrity and the support of community.

Farm To Table Mentality

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We love the eggs and bacon! Seriously the bacon is worth every penny. The eggs help make me feel less nervous about eating eggs since the store bought ones seem to have e.coli and other concerning things. I like feeling like I’m supporting a family business as well.

Aubree Larson

We bought half a pastured hog from Garrett Family Farms and the meat is so good! I love going to my freezer and having a nutritious pork option I feel good about! I am thankful for what this farm offers to our community! Highly recommend!

Melisha M. Meredith

 I absolutely love local meat..always fresh and I know the Garretts work hard to bring healthy food from farm to table! Being able to know their is no hidden ingredients and great standards in the process of putting excellent healthy food on our tables! Plus, it is a bonus to keep my support financially right here in my community! 

Marsha Cook Smyth

Amazing food at an amazing price! Their practices are great. Our family has toured the farm, and they follow Joel Salatin's method well, and we are grateful for the nutrient-dense foods available to us here locally. We payed double for eggs of the same quality in our last state and much more for all the products they offer with the same great quality. We are fortunate to have people committed to such great farming practices locally.

The Luken Family

We have enjoyed the home-grown eggs and the ease in purchasing them!

Dana Sisk

I have been buying beef, eggs, chicken and pork from the Garrett family for the past several months...it is the best meat we have ever eaten! My kids even notice if I don’t use their meat. The family is so friendly and the food they farm is delicious!

Kate Putnam Lasley

What makes us special?

Our product is
non-GMO* and pasture raised*
without antibiotics or hormones.

This includes our chicken, turkey and pork as well as all of our grass-feed beef.

Providing top-level quality for local restaurants

As part of our pursuit to bring high-quality products to our community, we are always looking to supply quality ingredients to local chefs! 

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