The Farm



We always have Kelp, Salt and Fetrell blends available for our beef. These are essential minerals needed to aid in the health of the cattle. Our beef is started and finished on grass as nature intended, drug-free.

We use an electric fence to move our herd to a fresh salad bar routinely. With this style of mob stocking, the cattle eat everything in the designated paddock causing everything (even weeds) to be eaten, and creating a wide disbursement of fertilization.

Yearly, we can see significant improvement in the life of the soil, as well as native grasses and flowers returning to the land.

We are healing the land one cow patty at a time!


Our drug-free hogs thrive on pasture and and woodland while being supplemented with non-GMO grain. Their feed consists of corn, soybeans, peas, Fetrell mineral blend and several other ingredients crucial to providing adequate nutrient to our hard-working hogs!

The hogs play a huge role in our farming operation. We rely on them to forage and enrich our soil with their manure. The hogs are also responsible for turning compost piles that we spread on our pastures, allowing us to give back to the land that has given us so much!  The hogs also assist in gardening by using their snouts to till up our garden areas, turning over the fresh rich soil.

What wonderful, hard-working, pasture-raised pork!

We encourage you to try the best bacon in town!


All of our poultry are raised on open grass, without the use of antibiotics or hormones.
Our poultry are fed a non-GMO feed, providing them with the most nutritiously-dense source of protein, fat, carbohydrates and essential minerals, including a Fetrell poultry blend.

Laying Hens


Our free-range, egg-laying ladies are our pasture sanitizers and fertilizers.
These high-spirited gals follow right on the heels of our herbivores, scratching through and spreading the cow and manure. They gobble up the ready-to-hatch fly larvae, keeping fly populations and parasite levels low.

These ladies can forage the pasture and are supplemented with a non-GMO feed source. Their manure is high in nitrogen, which stimulates grass regrowth.

The bright orange yolks and delicious flavor of our eggs will keep you coming back for more!


broiler chickens
We raise Cornish Cross as our “meat bird” and receive our babies fresh from the hatchery through the local mail service. We receive our meat birds no later than 72-hours after hatching. They go straight into the brooder house where they are kept warm and safe with fresh water and high protein non-GMO feed.
At 8 weeks, we butcher off the farm or we take them to a local butcher for inspection.
Once our broilers (meat chickens) become fully-feathered, they are sent out to pasture and continue to be supplemented with non-GMO feed.  

Our broilers are raised in 'chicken tractors,' which are floor-less mobile pens that provides both weather and predator protection to the birds. The pens are moved to fresh pasture daily.

Our broilers play a huge role in the fertilization process of our fields! 
The birds pump out nitrogen, and we are able to place the 'chicken tractors' on plots of our pasture that need a little more TLC.
Meat birds are available May-October. Stock up while you can! 


Broad Breasted White Turkeys are your Thanksgiving turkey of choice at Garrett Family Farm.

These turkeys spend their first 4 weeks in the brooder and are then moved to the grass, where they enjoy fresh pasture and a non-GMO feed supplement.

The turkeys are put in an electric fence netting, keeping them in and the predators out! This portable system always us to move the turkeys as often as needed to ensure they have fresh grass and a continuous supply of insects to eat. Yummy!

These pasture-raised turkeys will not disappoint any family for a Thanksgiving feast! Order yours while supply last.